At Simply Mindful we integrate the ancient skills of mindfulness with contemporary Western psychology, neuroscience and medical knowledge to produce innovative and powerful programs for living well.

Our foundational course is the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program.  Simply Mindful is the only group in Canberra to teach the complete and authentic MBSR program that was developed by the founder of the program, Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn, and as taught at the Center for Mindfulness (CFM) at the University of Massachusetts. We maintain close links with the CFM and other quality MBSR programs in Australia.

Our beginnings were in 2004 when Sue Hays taught her first course here in Canberra.  In 2009 we came together to form the Canberra Mindfulness Centre and in 2012 we adopted the name Simply Mindful as it more clearly expresses our intentions for our programs. Thousands of people have taken part in our programs.

In recent years we have expanded our  offerings to include programs for workplaces, organisations, schools and tailored individual programs.   We will continue to expand our programs to serve our community as best we can.

Our commitment to excellent teaching

The Centre for Mindfulness recommends a sequence for MBSR teacher training involving foundational training, initial teaching, advanced training and certification.  You can view the CFM recommended pathway for training to teach MBSR here.

At Simply Mindful each of the teachers is following the CFM’s intensive sequence of training. In addition, we participate in professional supervision with mindfulness teacher colleagues and regularly attend extended silent retreats in order to deepen our own meditation practice.

Our commitment to providing access for all

We are committed to providing access to our programs for as many people as possible.  For nearly a decade we have kept the cost of the MBSR program to less than $30 per hour.  Such low-cost, expert, evidence based care is unique in healthcare, personal development and leadership programs.

Still, not everyone can afford the cost of the program. In these instances we offer a range of possible assistance on a person-by-person, needs basis.  We are proud of the fact that we have never denied access to anyone for any of our programs simply because they could not afford to pay the full fee. We also donate free or low cost programs to individuals, groups and organisations every year.

Our commitment to mindful living

All of us at Simply Mindful are committed to a daily mindfulness practice in our lives.  As well, we attend regular extended silent retreats in order to deepen our meditation practice. 

We endeavour to embody the values and qualities of mindfulness.  These include a respect for all life, treating all with understanding, compassion and kindness, listening deeply, speaking from a place of thoughtfulness and honesty and, as best we can, insuring our actions do not cause harm.

We nurture and encourage the growth of our mindfulness community by providing opportunities for meeting, discussion and practice throughout the year.

We all live, work, study and play in the Canberra community and have deep connections to this place, its people and the wonderful environment in which we live.

Come and discover your own possibilities for learning, growing, healing and transformation.

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