Simply Mindful is delighted to present this exhibition at our Dickson venue, the Gathering Place.

Thank you to everyone who attended the opening and the descriptive talk! If you missed these events, the Gathering Place will be open on Wednesday 29th June 7-8pm and Saturday 2nd July 2-4pm for you to drop in and view the exhibition at your leisure. The artist, Simone will be in attendance if you would like to chat with her. Registration is not required.

About the exhibition

In urban and transport planning ‘desire lines’ refer to the unofficial paths that collective feet make through the landscape over time. These well-trodden paths are both subversive, being illicit, and conversely, the path of least resistance. Desire Lines are paths that form themselves and are evidence of both humanity and the impact of humans in the environment. The desired lines in these paintings are personal and reflective. The marks made by the paint brush, are lines with hindsight (hence the use of past tense). Expressing both what was yearned for in life and what has come to pass, as well as hinting at the unformed road ahead.

About the artist

Simone is an artist who has run an e-bike business from home for the past 14 years while raising three children and loves most things about living in the “People’s Republic of O’Connor” (Inner North, Canberra). You can see some of her work here.

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