In the practice of Mindful Yoga we intentionally bring mindful awareness to the practice of Hatha yoga.

Participants who have taken an MBSR course will recognize this approach of mindfully attending to the body both in stillness and in movement.  Participants new to this way of practicing yoga will discover a way of connecting to the body in a kinder and more conscious manner.  All participants will cultivate their ability to attune and attend to wisdom of the body and mobilise their innate potential for growth and healing.  Through the poses and stretches as well as using breathing practices, participants will learn to cultivate a deeper, kinder, more resilient and conscious connection with their body-mind.   There will be a stong focus on how to work compassionately with tension, stress, pain and physical limitations.

Please note that registration and payment are for the entire term.  We are not able to accept casual enrolments.

Class dates

  • Tuesday October 18, 2016 - Tuesday November 22, 2016
    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


55 Stuart St, Griffith, Australian Capital Territory, Australia