On February 19th ABC science show Catalyst features a group of MBSR participants. Watch this to see how our 8 week courses change people's lives.

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We provide high quality tailored mindfulness courses for organisations and workplaces. Mindfulness, skilfully applied, can help you to develop high performing, healthy and happy organisations where people are resilient and able to manage change and challenges as skilfully and wisely as possible.

Workplace mindfulness programs improve performance, leadership, relationships, team work and wellbeing of participants

Simply Mindful has provided mindfulness courses for a large range of workplaces and organisations in the ACT and region for well over a decade with compelling results. Our clients include: universities, ACT and Federal government departments and agencies, real estate agencies, businesses, professional associations and peak bodies, schools, health services and community organisations.

We provide 1 hour taster sessions, half day or full day introduction to mindfulness courses up to 8 week courses.

Mindfulness training and practice in organisational contexts can enhance and improve communication, relationships, efficiency, leadership and wellbeing.

The world’s gold standard mindfulness course is the 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). It has a large evidence base spanning 40 years and provides the benefits of mindfulness meditation with a strong dash of science delivered in a grounded, guided structure. We have been teaching MBSR in the Canberra region for over 15 years and are the only organisation providing MBSR.

Short programs give participants a taste of mindfulness and a range of introductory skills they can use at work or home.

Longer in depth programs help participants develop new skills and integrate them into their work practices. They lead to lasting and substantial benefits such as improved concentration, focus, clarity, and efficiency, reduced stress, increased self-awareness and improvements in physical and mental health.

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Come and discover your own possibilities for learning, growing, healing and transformation.

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