Teens largeStress Less is an eight week program for cultivating resilience, health and well-being for young people aged 16 to 19. The program, designed and run by Simply Mindful teachers Megan Layton (Mental health social worker) and Carmel Jean Seymour (Registered Psychologist), is experiential, accessible and age appropriate. Each week, the focus will be on learning various forms of meditation and applying mindfulness in daily life with a small amount of theory and discussion.

Today’s youth are experiencing extraordinary levels of stress and anxiety. Depression is projected to be the number one health issue for young Australians by 2020. Research shows meditation and mindfulness practices can help.

What will I learn in the Stress Less program?

You will learn about the practice of mindfulness meditation, how stress effects the body and mind, ways of integrating mindfulness into your daily life and increasing self-awareness, working with difficult thoughts, emotions and behaviours, and improving relationships and communication.

How will learning Mindfulness and Meditation help?

Mindfulness practices provide a way to quieten yourself in a busy world, to work skillfully with your thoughts and feelings, and choose your actions based on your values.

Mindfulness can help you to stop judging yourself, and to be who you are; to learn new ways to overcome life’s challenges.

Who should attend?

Stress Less is for young people between the ages of 16-19 (approximately year 10 – year 12). All potential participants will meet with one of the teachers prior to the course starting to review whether the program is appropriate for them at this time.   For young people being treated for medical or psychological conditions, the StressLess program is a complement to, not a substitute for, the professional care of their doctor or psychologist.

To benefit fully from the program you must be willing to make a commitment to attend all classes and to undertake a short daily meditation practice for the eight weeks.


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