UpcomingSilent Evening Practice Session – December 12th

You are invited to join the Simply Mindful community for an extended period of collective silent practice. Unlike our silent retreats, this practice is not guided. One of our Simply Mindful teachers, Anthony, will hold space for the group.

Whether you’ve recently completed your MBSR course, would like to bring attention back to your mindfulness and meditation practice in a supportive environment, or would like to continue to deepen your practice, Simply Mindful would love to support you in this. If you have any questions about whether this session is suitable for you, please contact us.

Session format:

  • Short welcome and introduction. Bell is sounded to mark the beginning of practice.
  • 3  silent sitting periods with short (10 minute) movement practices in between. The invitation is for you to transition to movement (walking or yoga practice) or change positions during the short break periods, and to maintain stillness during the sitting periods.
  • Bell is sounded to mark the end of practice.
  • There is a short period for discussion and sharing after the end of the practices.






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