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Antonia Anderson

Admin Support

Antonia has a background in writing and teaching. She is a graduate of Chatham University and Naropa University. She first encountered mindfulness training at the Shambhala Centre in Boulder, Colorado, where she did Warrior Training and volunteered as an aide. She went on to study and practice in Nepal, and eventually moved to Australia to start a family. She now lives in Canberra with her partner and two extremely cheeky, grubby children.

She was delighted to come across Simply Mindful in 2019 and took the MBSR course for the first time. Since then she has enjoyed attending the silent retreats and taking other courses to deepen her mindfulness practice and connect with the supportive and brilliant Simply Mindful community.

Antonia loves bringing order to chaos and making things run smoothly in the background. “Systemisation” and “automation” are two of her favourite concepts despite being very clunky boring-sounding words.

When she is not answering your lovely emails, helping you register for courses or mucking about with the Simply Mindful website, she enjoys long walks in the bush and reading anything from queer paranormal romances to software documentation to the back of the cereal box. She also runs a small business helping new parents thrive in the postpartum period, and training the professionals who support them.

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