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Megan Layton

Director, Senior MBSR and Yoga teacher

Megan Layton is the Director of Simply Mindful and an experienced Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, Yoga and Meditation teacher and Mental Health Social Worker working with individuals and groups to help them thrive. She also has a Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

She has been teaching MBSR to the general public, organisations, workplaces and individuals with Simply Mindful for 10 years and is a long-time practitioner and teacher of yoga and meditation. She trained with Openground in 2009 and undertook the Teacher Development Intensive with Bob Stahl and Florence Meleo-Meyer from the Centre for Mindfulness (USA) in 2012. After participating in the MBSR course in 2008, Megan was mentored and encouraged by Sue Hays, founder and former director of Simply Mindful, to puruse teaching and eventually took over the reins when Sue retired in 2016. Megan practices mindfulness meditation daily and continues to maintain her enthusiasm for learning, practicing and teaching; regularly undertaking long meditation retreats and further training. She is also a brain science enthusiast and continues to develop skills and understanding in this area. Megan undertook Positive Neuroplasticity Training in 2018 with Dr Rick Hanson and has been endorsed by Dr Hanson as a PNT trainer. She has followed his work closely for many years and first attended training with him in 2013.

“Mindfulness actually enables us to bring out the best in ourselves. Mindfulness has literally changed my life and the lives of so many people who’ve undertaken the 8 week MBSR program. It has enormous value and potential to help us live better, happier, more skillful and compassionate lives. It has helped me make sense of many things in my endeavours to understand human suffering and healing.  Each time I teach, I am totally inspired by the feedback from participants about the impact it has on their lives, their relationships, their work and their understanding of themselves.”

Megan also works in private practice as a mental health social worker providing therapy, body based/movement therapy and tailored mindfulness based approaches for people from all walks of life. She has a special interest in integrating mindfulness in therapy to meet the needs of individuals. She has spent 20 years working in mental health, in particular with trauma survivors and has extensive cross-cultural experience. She worked for almost 20 years in a torture trauma rehabilitation service in a number of roles including Acting Director, Deputy Director, Team leader of Complex case, Counselling and Community Development teams and the Children and Young People’s counselling team.

Megan has worked in leadership and management roles in both local and national NGO’s and community based organisations, and has also worked in research, community development and training. She is a warm, skilled and insightful facilitator, passionate about the potential mindfulness has to help people and organisations make positive changes. She is a parent of two delightful teenagers, outdoors and cycling enthusiast and beginner musician who loves to sing.

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