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Trevor Heldt

MBSR teacher

Trevor did his first MBSR course with Simply Mindful in 2006 and since then has attended numerous graduate practice groups and Cultivating Mindfulness courses. He has found that mindfulness provides him with both the mental and emotional space and calmness needed to balance his hectic work and family life. His partner simply says that he is much easier to get along with! He practices mindfulness regularly, except when he doesn’t (and when that happens he begins again).

Trevor trained with the Mindfulness Training Institute of Australia’s Timothea Goddard and Bob Stahl in 2013 and 2015. In 2017 Trevor participated in an MBSR Teacher Group Supervision program run by the Centre for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts with Lynn Koerbel. Trevor has led several 8 week MBSR programs, many weekly graduate practice groups and half-day retreats. Trevor is a CFM Qualified MBSR teacher and is gaining Level II accreditation through the Mindfulness Training Institute of Australia. He has undertaken supervision with Sue Hays.


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