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The Gathering Place is a beautiful venue for displaying and viewing art. We hold exhibitions throughout the year. Sometimes these are large exhibitions with multiple artists, other times we feature works on a rolling basis.

Anyone who’s been associated with the Gathering Place or our mindfulness programs and community is welcome to submit artwork.

Works need to be sympathetic to the purpose of the Gathering Place and Simply Mindful; for example:

  • uplifting
  • calming
  • drawing attention to beauty or nature

More about us:

The Gathering Place is a place of renewal, peace, learning and growth. It is a safe, quiet, and beautiful space conducive to meditation and contemplative practices.

Simply Mindful exists to help people move from surviving to thriving. Meditation, mindfulness, self-compassion and yoga are powerful tools to help us be more effective, joyful and to heal.

Our vision is to help humanity (one person, one group at a time) take an evolutionary leap so that we can live fuller, happier lives, and find a better path collectively.

Conditions of participation

Art works can be just for display (NFS) or for sale. We ask for 10% of sales as commission. This low fee recognises that we don’t have a ‘staffed’ gallery space open all the time for the public. We do have people coming through regularly for our programs as well as other hirers.

Artists will need to deliver, set up and take down their works and provide a brief bio with information about works (including sale price if applicable). Works will need to be framed appropriately if they are to be hung. We can borrow some plinths for ceramics.

Works can stay on display as long as you like or until our next exhibition. Artists need to be responsible for their own sales, but we’re happy to act as the contact point (i.e. to refer people to you). So if you’re not there and someone wants to buy your work, we keep a record, send you an email with their details and also give them your details.

How to submit your artwork

Please contact us through the contact form below to be considered for participation.

submit your work

Here are a few examples of artworks we have exhibited at the Gathering Place. We are open to any and all styles and media.