On February 19th ABC science show Catalyst features a group of MBSR participants. Watch this to see how our 8 week courses change people's lives.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of being fully present and awake in every moment; a way of relating to all of life as it happens and changes.

Mindfulness invites us to observe and connect with our inner and outer experience in a caring and discerning way – to pay close attention to the present moment, noting  thoughts, feelings and body sensations with an attitude of curiosity and non-judgment.

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Listen to this podcast where Simply Mindful Director Megan Layton chats with Dan Bouchier about how to cultivate inner resources to help you live well and more mindfully

Simply Mindful, in partnership with Carers Australia, have created a series of on demand mindfulness sessions for carers. The sessions consists of six episode and two bonus episodes which cover managing anxiety, sleep, ‘on the go’ mindfulness and self-compassion. Listen now >>

Listen to this interview on ABC Radio 666 where Simply Mindful Director Megan Layton explains what mindfulness is and how it works.

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