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Thank you for your interest in hiring the Gathering Place. We are delighted to share this beautiful place of peace, meditation, contemplation, healing, renewal and learning.

The Brigidine sisters established this beautiful place as a convent in the 1950s. The Gathering Place was created as a retreat and spirituality centre with a contemplative focus in 1994 by Meryl Bollard and Sister Lorraine Gatehouse. It has been lovingly cared for as a place of contemplation, renewal and healing for over 30 years and has played a very important role in our community. Simply Mindful was invited to take on the management and vision of the Gathering Place in 2019 and a new chapter of the Gathering Place began in mid 2020. This is now the home of Simply Mindful: Canberra Mindfulness Centre and our mindfulness programs. We are honoured to be here.

The Gathering Place offers a safe, peaceful, welcoming and reflective environment in the National Capital. It has one medium and one large meeting room, simple accommodation (single bedrooms) and a beautiful garden. It also has a simple kitchen and dining area, bathrooms and showers. All facilities are simple, clean and well maintained.

The Gathering Place offers some elements of the monastic traditions such as simplicity, meditation, reflection and learning, in a contemporary way.

We appreciate the willingness of all hirers to respect the Gathering Place and its purpose and to maintain it as a place of peace and healing.



Our largest meeting room is very quiet room, perfect for meditation. It is 72 square metres: 12 m x 6 m. There is a level area 8.5m x 6m and a raised area with 2 steps. It holds 40 chairs and approx 20 yoga mats and chairs/meditation stools comfortably, more if necessary and if social distancing is not an issue.


Our medium meeting room looks out onto the garden. It is 40 square metres: 6m x 5 m and holds 20 chairs or approx 16 people with yoga mats.


The kitchen and dining area downstairs are clean, well maintained with continuous hot water in the dining area. There is an oven, microwave, fridge, double sink and hand washing sink. We are happy to arrange catering for you if needed for a small surcharge. We do not supply catering in house.


There are 11 single rooms upstairs with a single bed, chair, wash basin, cupboard, desk, chair and lamp in each room. Each bed has an electric blanket, doona, pillows and blankets. There is a 12th bedroom without a hand basin. Unfortunately there is no heating or cooling available for bedrooms. There are 4 showers and 3 toilets upstairs and 1 toilet downstairs.


We have a beautiful garden with large deciduous trees, many benches and spaces for contemplation and creativity and a large labyrinth.


There is a small counselling and consulting room and adjacent waiting area/lounge room. They are booked permanently during office hours. These rooms are not included in hire of the venue unless negotiated.

Come and discover your own possibilities for learning, growing, healing and transformation.

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