Learn How to Stop Anxiety Hijacking Your Life

Anxiety, Mindfulness

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is more than just feeling stressed or worried.

It’s a serious condition where people struggle to cope with everyday life.

When anxiety dominates, we obsess about what might go wrong and those feelings of stress or worry just won’t go away.

The biological responses are so compelling that we tend to believe what we think, even when we know it’s exaggerated or just plain ridiculous.

The hijacker

Anxiety is a hijacker. It can redirect your life and ruin a perfectly good moment, day or week.

Unchecked, anxiety can turn into a panic attack, paranoia or a nervous breakdown.

Anxiety can hijack sleep, ruin our relationships, our ability to perform at work and can quickly become overwhelming. It can destroy lives.

Take control with mindfulness

Mindfulness helps us to take charge of our lives – to regain control.

It is a form of mental training that grounds us in the here and now.

Mindfulness can teach our minds that no matter how convincing anxious thoughts are, they are only speculative.

Mindfulness enables us to focus our energies on what we actually can change and influence.

Simply Mindful has a range of programs to help you or a loved one overcome anxiety.

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