Mindfulness is a way of being fully present and awake in every moment; a way of relating to all of life as it happens and changes.  

Mindfulness invites us to observe and connect with our inner and outer experience in a caring and discerning way – to pay close attention to the present moment, noting  thoughts, feelings and body sensations with an attitude of curiosity and non-judgment.

As we practice and cultivate our capacity for mindful awareness we can begin to see ourselves and our situations with greater clarity and open to the possibility of being less reactive – of responding in skilful, creative and productive ways, even in challenging circumstances.

Developing the skills of mindfulness can help you take charge of the quality of your life.  Given the ever increasing complexity, pressure and pace of modern life perhaps the ancient skills of mindfulness are needed now more than ever.


Come and discover your own possibilities for learning, growing, healing and transformation.

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