Mindful Yoga – 2024 Term 4

Wednesdays 6-7:30pm – starts 23 October

Pre-requisite: None     Teacher: Megan Layton

This is an 8-week course, meeting once a week for 1.5 hours. It is suitable for all experience levels.

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In the practice of Mindful Yoga we intentionally bring mindful awareness to the body as we move, stretch and breathe.

Participants who have taken an MBSR course will recognise this approach of mindfully attending to the body both in stillness and in movement. Participants new to this way of practicing yoga will discover a way of connecting to the body in a kinder and more conscious manner. All participants will cultivate their ability to attune and attend to wisdom of the body and mobilise their innate potential for growth and healing.

Through the poses and stretches as well as using breathing and mindfulness meditation practices, participants will learn to cultivate a deeper, kinder, more resilient and conscious connection with their body and mind.

There will be a strong focus on working compassionately with tension, stress, pain and physical or psychological limitations. Mindful yoga helps us to become more embodied and at home in our body. It combines Hatha (classical) yoga, elements of stretch therapy and mindful movement and is trauma sensitive.

Event Details

Day 1: 23 October 2024

Day 2: 30 October 2024

Day 3: 6 November 2024

Day 4: 13 November 2024

Day 5: 20 November 2024

Day 6: 27 November 2024

Day 7: 4 December 2024

Day 8: 11 December 2024

Start time: 06:00 p.m.
End time: 07:30 p.m.

Venue: The Gathering Place, 4 Bancroft Street, Dickson 2602

Directions: Parking is available on Bancroft street or in the church car park (St Brigid's) next door to the Gathering Place. Entry to the church carpark is off Wilshire St. Please don't park in the driveway unless you need special access or have mobility issues. There is a pathway from the church carpark to the Gathering Place driveway. There is a bike rack located at the side of the building halfway down the driveway.

Phone: (+61) 0490 354 900

Answers to your questions

What kind of yoga is it?

Megan, your teacher, has trained in classical Hatha yoga, Stretch Therapy, as well as Trauma Sensitive Yoga and a wide range of mindfulness, meditation and body-mind practices and therapies. She blends these in a unique and creative way.


Do I need to have any experience with yoga?

No experience necessary! This class is suitable for absolute beginners and we also have many experienced yogis attending.

What happens in a mindful yoga class?

Each class includes a short arrival practice in stillness, movement, stretches and poses which start of gently and build through the class. Class finishes with a 10-15 minute relaxing meditation.

Each week has a different emphasis so that through the 8 week cycle the whole body, heart and mind and attended to.

What if I have an injury or physical vulnerability?

All stretches, poses and sequences are able to be adapted. Options are explained and demonstrated throughout classes and you are actively encouraged to do what feels right for you. You are also welcome to pause or rest anytime.

What if I can't make it in person?

Mindful yoga classes are offered online simultaneously, so you can join us from home or wherever you are. A Zoom link is sent to you each week with your class reminder so you can join online if you choose. Please note that classes are not typically recorded, so you do still need to join in real time.

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